Stay classy, Lou…

From Lou Dobbs & submitted without comment:

“And by the way, I’ve got to wish to you, each and every one, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! I do that, and I have to be honest with you, despite my fervent anti-ethnic holiday position. That’s right! I’m against St. Patrick’s Day. I’m against St. Columbus Day. Saint Joseph’s Day. I’m against all of those things. Is there, by the way, is there a Jewish, a Jewish ethnic holiday? Is there one? No? Okay. The Jews have disappointed me. I mean, is there a St. Mauritius? No? A Belize? I don’t know. We gotta have — there’s gotta be something else going on here! How about an Asian ethnic holiday? Is there one? You know, a Saint Jin Tao Wow? Chinese New Year? All right, we can do that … I mean, what is with all of these ethnic holidays? I mean how about an American Day? How about were all the same kind of day?”


Stand back everyone, nothing here to see…

Submitted without comment.

Also this:


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Come on, Lou

New Question of the Moment:

Which is the more pressing issue, deserving prime-time national coverage by one of CNN’s top news anchors? This story¬†or this one?

We already know Mr. Dobbs’ answer, what’s yours?