Praise GOD! err…

I suppose this is why I have no friends in the religious right…I can’t keep a straight face with this shit. However I realize the hypocrisy on my part. I do embrace individuality and freedom of expression…but they bring this on themselves.



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What Happens When Gays Marry.

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Douche of the Week

Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana

You can view the Repubican Response here

He is against federal assistance during this economic crisis. He is a Douche.

E Hamish Plumbrick for Poet Laureate

Patton Oswalt for Poet Laureate – watch more funny videos

Conservative Group Launches Attack Ad Against Stimulus

Politico has released a story involving a commercial that will air tomorrow from the conservative group The American Issues Project. The ad, which attacks the stimulus package, is to show the viewer the staggering amount of money used in the Bill

You can view the article here

The commercial may be viewed here.

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Mystery Date…


So I didn’t know this place existed…but it does.

A dating website brought to you by your friend Sean Hannity.

I was trying to think of something funny but I couldn’t think of anything other than this site actually existing.

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