Hey, let’s wipe the dust off and breathe some life into this old blog with some good old fashioned nostalgia!

Remember when we had that Top Fifteen Best Simpsons Episodes list? That was pretty great!


4 Comments on “Nostalgia!”

  1. Chris Fannon says:

    Uh oh… now we’re being nostalgic about being nostalgic about The Simpsons.

  2. You burned me, PL. You burned me…

  3. […] Nostalgia! – This link contains links to a five part Top 15 from back in 2007 (also, flagrant false advertising).  It is very detailed, with lots of quotes and screen grabs.  The only double digit episode is “Behind the Laughter”, which really really should’ve been the series finale and is much better than almost everything else in Season 11.  […]

  4. […] The blog has been virtually dead since fall/winter 2010 (in a proud BP tradition, there was even some intra-contributor snark about this situation). We (pretty much, I) long ago surrendered our small voice within the comic […]

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