“You’re the Jackie O. of our time.”

Just thinking about this episode while I was preparing to write this made me giggle. That’s how good this episode was. Which is not very surprising.

The entire cast was on in this episode. I especially liked Alec Baldwin’s attempt at gay seduction. And hey! There were no jokes about how fat and/or ugly Tina Fey is. The best part of the episode was how well they were able to massage the fact that Matt Damon needs to go off and be a movie star. They managed to write him out in a way that doesn’t forclose future plot lines. Because really, who doesn’t want Liz Lemon to be happy? Only heartless bastards, I am sure.

I really don’t have much to say about this episode. It was almost too good to review and my love for this show has been stated again and again. So, there’s not much more to say.

Except that I’m not sure the whole Pete and his wife joke worked. It was kind of awful. It may have crossed a line? (It did cross a line…)

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One Comment on ““You’re the Jackie O. of our time.””

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