too cool for school…

I’m going to have say, that the Community season 2 premiere left a bad taste in my mouth. Community has always been going through an identity crisis. The writers and producers seem to be trying to figure out if this show is one where you are actually supposed to care about the characters (i.e. The Office or HIMYM) or an more absurdist Family Guy show (i.e. Its Always Sunny)?  And because Community is a very meta show, this conflict takes places on a conscious level.

As of the premiere the producers seem to have decided to become a meta, network TV version of Its Always Sunny. Which is great. Always Sunny has a lot of fans (I am not among them). But really, did they have to be such a dick about it as they embraced the new direction?

At many moments the writer of this episode seemed to be laughing at the audience while chuckling, “How could you idiots become emotionally invested in these characters?” You know how, writer man? Because of storylines in your own damn show! The writers/producers are the ones who created the Britta/Jeff storyline in the previous season. They are the ones who asked the audience to become invested in their storylines. It was not some lonely person on the internet shipping away at two improbable characters but the actual writing on the show the created the connection between them. No reading between the lines required!

I have no problem with the direction Community has decided to go. They want to make more episodes like the Paintball one from last season? Great! I enjoyed that episode a lot. But they don’t need to be such a dick as they turn the page. Nothing bothers me more than when creators spit (especially so openly!) in the face of their fans.

My opinion of this episode wasn’t completely dour. I thought moments were pretty hilarious (especially the twitter account for Chevy Chase’s character or the excellent Twilight joke). But as I said in the beginning, the episode left a bad taste in my mouth.

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3 Comments on “too cool for school…”

  1. psycholarry1 says:

    Just because they ostensibly ended the relationship storylines doesn’t mean it’s completely done.

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