old friends…

I may be the last relatively unrepentant fan of The Office. Reading much of the discourse about this show, one would think it has committed a great crime against humanity (or least humor). But in a world where Two and a Half Men is the top sitcom, The Office still ranks as a very good show. Oh, sure has the show gotten worse since its heights of the second and third season? Absolutely and certainly season six was the worst season yet. However, that does not mean that is show is a piece of shit. Take on its own terms, the show provides plenty of entertainment.

Besides, each new season is like seeing old friends again.

The season seven premiere was very good. From the cold open (which managed to be funny and tell us a bit about each character) to it’s final moments, this episode brought some of what was missing from the previous season. First of all, it was nice to see Pam actually get a featured role. Outside of the baby arc, we got very little of her last season which was a shame. It was also nice to see Dwight with a fresh storyline. It often felt like Rainn Wilson was phoning it in last season, thus it was nice to see him bring his A (or at least A- game) in this episode.

But most of all, it seems that Steve Carrell leaving the show has brought a new energy to the show. Carrell’s performance was sharper (and spanking his nephew was weirdly hilarious), the writing was more focused, and the storyline seemed to have more weight. Carrell leaving could be the best thing that’s ever happened to this show. If they play it right. (Well, they are bringing Holly back…)

Of course, I’ve been fooled by this show’s season premiere’s before (I liked last season’s). So we will just have to see if they squander the great energy of this episode. I hope not.

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