pleasant and expected…

For all of its problems (as previously noted) you have to give the producers of Chuck credit: they are not afraid to shake up the status quo. Last season saw the death of Chuck’s dad and the end of the will-they-or-won’t-they shtick between Chuck and Sarah (spoiler: they are together now). Both were big (and smart) moves. Action/adventure shows like Chuck (I’m looking at you Stargate) get stale fast since they often just dish out more of the same season after season. Chuck has (pretty much) avoided that from the get-go. Which is quite an accomplishment.Chuck Season 4

As for the season premiere, there is really nothing unexpected here. The new status quo is established, (Chuck looking for his Mom/Sarah Connor), the obsession with Yvonne Strahovski’s body continues, and Zachary Levi remains as charming as ever. Basically if you are looking for some escapism, Chuck remains a good choice.

However, if there is one thing the producers need to learn is that the Buy More is played out. Constantly returning to that damn Best Buy knock off does not keep the show grounded, instead it keeps the show repetitive.  Besides as of this season the original shtick of the Buy More (i.e. will Chuck keep his job despite his spying?!?) is completely gone. What the producers should know by now is that it is not the “grounded”  nature of the show that makes Chuck work but Zachary Levi’s chemistry with the rest of the cast. Oh, and Adam Baldwin. (For a differing opinion, see Charlie Jane Anders’ review at io9)

But that aside, Chuck remains the same as ever. Which is (mostly) a good thing.

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