quoting one’s self…

In December of 2009, I wrote the following:

I will be the first to admit that this show is bad. Awful, really. It is also the poor man’sBones. Plus it is a crime show and my days of obsessively watching Law & Order are long past. But I am, it must be said, a Nathan Fillion fanboy. I will watch him in pretty much anything no matter how stupid it is – and after watching “Vampire Weekend” you must admit that Castle is a stupid, stupid show. Here’s how Castle works: when Fillion is talking or doing something the show is interesting but whenever another character is doing anything the show gets bogged down in its own stupidity. At the end of every episode I wish that the two supporting detectives would just go away. But sadly, they don’t. The fact that the plotting on this show is god awful should go without saying. Really, I shouldn’t admit to watching this show but I have to disclose it – for honesty’s sake.

As of the premiere of the 3rd season of Castle, the above is still true. Nathan Fillion remains charming and the rest of the show (oh god, the awful plotting!) is terrible.

Nothing more to see here.

[An index of our Fall TV 2o1o coverage can be found here]


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