As I’ve said before, my enjoyment of How I Met Your Mother has (and always will be) contingent and last season broke whatever pleasure I gained from the show. Thus, the question facing the season premiere of HIMYM was: can I be brought back into the fold?

As of right now, the answer is a tentative yes. The forward momentum has returned to the show – a feature that has been conspicuously missing since (at least) season two. They seem to have remembered that this show is actually supposed to be about the character journey of Ted (see: series title) and not the relationship joke (and/or vaguely sexist meme) of the week. They have decided to move Lily and Marshall out of their arrested development and onto the next logical step for their characters. And Robin’s mourning period for her relationship with Don was hilarious.

HIMYM was always at its best when playing with the sitcom/dramedy form. Reveling that Robin and Ted were not meant to be together in the very first episode (and actually following through with that in later seasons) was a great move and very smart writing (especially considering that HIMYM airs on CBS). I’m actually interested to see where this wedding plot will take Ted’s character, a first in many seasons.

How I Met Your Mother Season Six

Of course, even the fourth and, dreadful, fifth seasons had their highlights (how could they not with Jason Segal and NPH in the cast?), so my enjoyment of this show could be temporary. The show still has yet to shed its many flaws (the sexism, the laugh track, etc. etc.) so my pleasure in HIMYM’s new direction is still contingent.

The girlfriend and I were debating if the final moments of the episode (read: hawt lesbian kisses) were a play just to have two girls kissing or if they were an actual character moment. We came to no final conclusion (I have very little faith in the writers of this show that it wasn’t the former) but several hours removed from viewing this episode I think I have the answer: it was both.

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