“I’m tired of you always Brock blocking me, Samson.”

Before I gush in praise of the Venture Brothers premiere, I would like to register of annoyance at AdultSwim.com’s posting rules for the new season. Look: I don’t have cable or a TV. I love Venture Brothers. I would like to watch the show in a (some-what) timely manner each week. But, no AdultSwim.com you must make me wait 8 days for each new episode. This is deeply unfair. When your video posting rules are more strict that that of Hulu, I think you’re asking for trouble. I would even be willing to watch 5 (or even 10!) minute ad before the damn episode if it would please your corporate overlords. Please, AdultSwim.com, have mercy.

Venture Brothers: The New Season!

All that said, this season premier was one of the strongest episodes of Venture Brothers in the 4th season. I was a big fan of the first half of this season, so my bar was set pretty high for this episode – and Jackson Publick easily exceeded my expectations. Basically, this episode made up for the few weaknesses of the first half of the season – there was more Brock and Pete White (though no Dr. O). The Monarch was even put to better use than he has since the second season.

What was most impressive about this premier was how tight and interconnected the plot was despite the elements being so disperate. It is good writing when you can connect the Monarch’s love affair with his Green Goblin glider to Brock and the boys venturing through Doc’s innards. All of that they pushed the meta-plot forward and had continuity pay offs! They should teach this show in scriptwriting school.

It is always remarkably hard to review a new Venture Brother’s episode, since it mostly involves me showering praise upon the show. So, I think I am going to leave things at that. Until next week (and more praise)!

[An index of our Fall TV 2o1o coverage can be found here]


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