I have been sitting on this review for over a week. I haven’t been entirely sure what to say. Finales are always the hardest things to review: by this point either you are a Scott Pilgrim  reader or  you are not. Often times with these things you are speaking to the converted.

It is remarkably hard to say good-bye to Scott Pilgrim, for it is the defining pop-culture experience of my early twenties. Which is a remarkably pretentious thing to write, now that I have typed it out. However, that doesn’t make it any less true. What’s most impressive about the overall Scott Pilgrim experience is how O’Malley so successfully synthesized the pop-culture detritus (video games, shonen manga, superheroes) running around in the brains of males in their 20s and 30s into a such a successful relationship drama and coming of age story. The final volume puts an very good cap on all of this. Things end as they should and as you would expect.

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