Loooost Drinking Game!

(Cross posted from Theoretically Evil)

Before the show ends I feel like it would be good to share the Lost drinking game with the world. Because Lost is a show that is constantly evolving (or ruining a good thing if you’re some sort of loser who hates Lost), new rules were developed as old ones ceased to be applicable. No need to worry about math, every instance of a rule means 1 drink.

-Every time there is a Jack-face or Dan-face (Jackface!)

-Every time Michael says “WALT!” or “My Son!”

-At the beginning of every flashback/forward

-Whenever someone time travels

-Whenever Sawyer uses a nickname

-Ben or E-Locke Lie

-Appearance of any of the numbers (4 8 15 16 23 42)

-Every time Hurley says “Dude”

-Whenever there is an explosion

-Whenever a gun is pointed at a central character

-Whenever someone dies

-Every time someone talks about destiny/faith/belief

-Whenever Charlie or Claire say “Chah-lay” or “Clah”

-Whenever Desmond says “Brotha”

-Every time a vague question is asked to facilitate exposition/recap

-Dramatic trombone Womp

-Whenever someone says “Trust me!” or “You don’t understand!”

-Close up shot of an eye

When you’re too drunk to remember what you just watched, it’s like getting an extra new episode every week!

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