Quick thoughts: Lost Season Six, Episode Three


BEST PART: Locke’s funeral. Was at once touching and hilarious

WORST PART: And now we have mysterious and wise rules lawyer kids wandering around? Lame.

  • Lack of Desmond made this episode weaker than it should have been
  • Though the lack of Kate almost made up for it
  • This was the best episode of the season. So far, obviously.
  • No Claire?!?
  • Number of questions answered in this episode: at least 2 (What are the numbers? What does Elocke want?)
  • The second universe’s version of Locke was pretty interesting. It was great to see Helen again.
  • I guess the new universe Jack and Juliet created is a place where everybody works out their issues?
  • Elocke aka Smoke Monster can only become Locke now? An excellent way for the writers to keep Terry O’Quinn around.
  • Kate doesn’t have a number! Does this mean she doesn’t have a destiny and can die? One can only hope.
  • Ben as a history teacher? Lost, you realized a fantasy I didn’t even know I had.

OVERALL: This was easily the best episode of the season – though considering how disappointing the previous two episodes were that wasn’t a high bar to clear. The writers managed to take their time and advance the plot in a non-frustrating way all at the same time (unlike last week). This episode gave as many teases as it did answers, a good balance for this part of the season.

Though of course, they could be doing more with Ben and Desmond – but I’m biased.

Next week we are back to Jack and (ugh) Kate. Will Jack continue being redeemed or will he continue his slide into the sort of person who would risk several dozen lives to fulfill his “destiny”?


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