Quick thoughts: Lost Season Six, Episode Two


BEST PART: The guy from Its Always Sunny in Philly getting killed. Oh, & Claire is back.

WORST PART: Virtually every scene with Kate in it.

  • The lack of Desmond makes this episode infinitely worse than the last
  • Oh noes! My theory was wrong, Sayid is EVIL. Maybe?
  • Sawyer’s good-bye to Juliet was legitimately touching. I truly hope it seals off any possible Sawyer/Kate pairing because if there is one thing more annoying than Jack/Kate it is Sawyer/Kate.
  • No Locke!
  • Number of questions answered this episode: 1 (Claire is alive!)
  • I am legitimately happy to see Claire back. Her “disappearance” in season four was so poorly handled it really isn’t funny.
  • They really are going for the whole paralleling the first season thing, aren’t they?

OVERALL: This was a Kate-centric episode so I was bound to dislike it. This episode had FILLER write across it with big letters. In this episode it felt like there were trying to get somewhere too slowly (the opposite of last week). This is clearly a positioning episode, getting characters where they need to be for the real plot to take off.

I was bound to dislike this episode, since it was Kate-centric. Next week we are back to interesting things! Maybe more Desmond.


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