Quick thoughts: Lost Season Six, Episode One…


BEST PART: Terry O’Quinn’s performance. He managed to make Locke and Elocke seem like distinctly different characters.

WORST PART: Mysterious and/or sinister Asian dude. Seriously, is this Kill Bill?

Random thoughts:

  • Juliet’s death scene was disappointing in the extreme. We received absolutely no closure and the scene had so much cheese I threw up a little in my mouth. And I have a high level of tolerance of relationship based cheese. A very disappointing end for one of the show’s great characters and great love stories.
  • I did love how Kate made Juliet’s death all about her.
  • Glad they remembered to do at least something with Miles in this episode. Painfully underused character
  • Desmond, brother!
  • I saw Sayid coming back a million miles away (who didn’t?). I’d bet he is Jacob now.
  • What the fuck is up this new set of Others?
  • I like the new parallel universe thing. Though they were kind of sloppy with it.
  • I love how they went with the never ending movie montage. So very season one. Except no Kate/Sun half dressed. That’s progress, folks. I guess.
  • This episode pretty much guarantee’s Jack will have to die for his sins. Hopefully it will be a painful death. He deserves it at this point.
  • I’m willing to put money down that they didn’t think of what the smoke monster would be when they came up with this show.

OVERALL: This was a pretty weak opener for the show’s final season. It was messy and had far too much going on. For a two hour episode it seemed rushed. The writers failed to really provide emotional closure to one of the show’s strongest characters. It often seemed like they were trying to explain nothing too fast.

Not a bad episode by any means. Just a disappointment.


One Comment on “Quick thoughts: Lost Season Six, Episode One…”

  1. Jason says:

    I agree; this was a disappointing episode for me. I’m hoping they’ll pull it together in the end, but I was let down a little. Not sure how I’m going to like the alternate timeline thing either.

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