More Than Michael Bay Missed the Mark…

Here are a few highlights from the IMDb Memorable Quotes page for “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”

[from trailer]
Mikaela Banes: SAAMMM!
[a claw traps Sam]

[from trailer]

[from trailer]

Devastator: DEVASTATOR!

Pikachu: Pi-ka-CHU!
[from trailer]

Alright I’ll confess, I made one of those up.  There is no character named Mikaela. Megan Fox plays Megan Fox: The Magical Teenage-Masturbation-Fantasy Fairy.


2 Comments on “More Than Michael Bay Missed the Mark…”

  1. doctorbrown says:

    Nah, Megan Fox is the ” wow-she’s-really-fallen-off-since-the-first-movie” fairy.

  2. Tito says:

    Don’t know how I missed this one before… IMDb lists her first big-screen role as “Stars-and-Stripes Bikini Kid Dancing Under Waterfall.”

    The movie? Michael Bay’s “Bad Boys II.” Some things never change.

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