5 Comments on ““But in the past ten years that’s really changed. Things like Japanese anime have really brought a lot more women and girls to the show.””

  1. Doctor Brown says:

    Just one question, Mr. Michaels. Why the hell are you reading about comic convention hook ups in Penthouse?

  2. psycholarry says:

    I think a tl;dr would be appropriate here.

  3. crotchetyoldfan says:

    The “grand-daddy of them all” was not SDCC, it was the first Worldcon, in NYC, in 1939. And, to be a bit nit-picky, you can’t call CC a ‘fan-based’ con. Fan-based cons are run by and for the fans and don’t have long lines of folks paying for autographs…

    • SciFiGeek says:

      Actually Crotchetyoldfan you’re not exactly correct there.

      While there is little dissent that WorldCon 1 in 1939 (or NYcon 1)is regarded as the first SciFi convention, it isn’t really regarded as the “grand-Daddy of them all” by anyone’s standards that I’ve heard or read.

      As for fan run. Yeah, it’s pretty much a fan run convention as many of the original organizers are still involved with it.

      As for paid autographs, I think SDCC makes each celebrity sign at least one free autograph per person.

      Yeah, it’s totally a fan based event.

  4. Doc Brown, I found this via Io9

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