Stay classy, Brian!

Brian Michael Bendis on Wonder Woman v. Spider-Woman:

Spider-Woman is cooler than Wonder Woman in every way possible. Wonder Woman’s got a pipply ass! she’s the pipply ass of comics!!

Here is Bendis expanding upon his argument:

Spider-Woman has better hair, better costume, frank cho implants and a fucked up origin. Wonder Woman is a walking std farm!!

I know this is part of the whole Marvel v. DC PR male privilege fanboy outrage machine something or other. But still. These sort of things are an insult to Bendis’ dignity.

Really, such things are just horrible – even about fictional superwomen.



One Comment on “Stay classy, Brian!”

  1. Mocksure says:

    Well I haven’t been so outraged since Letterman had a go at Palin! I can only hope that he pays a terrible price for this, perhaps in the form of some awkward public apology.

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