Oh noes!

It seems that the Church of Latter-Day Saints considers porn to be bad – even if it’s abstinence porn:

Twlight series author Stephenie Meyer broke with horror-novel tradition when she created vampire characters impervious to the sun.

Deseret Book, however, has decided that Meyer’s best-selling vampire romance books will no longer see the light of day — at least on the shelves of its chain stores. Customers may instead request Meyer’s 2005 novel Twilight — or its three companion volumes, New Moon , Eclipse and Breaking Dawn — by special order for either store pick-up or delivery by mail.

“We’re never really given a reason for these things,” said Steve Hartvigsen, manager of the Deseret Book store at Valley Fair Mall. “We just get a return sheet and send books back.”

Owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the bulk of Deseret Book’s business comes from the sale of religious titles. Meyer, who graduated from Brigham Young University after earning a bachelor’s degree in English, is a member of the church.

The Twilight books are not found for sale on the store’s Web site.

So sad.



One Comment on “Oh noes!”

  1. ming says:

    Does this bodybag kissing scene comes from the twilight movie?.

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