A Portmanteau Is Not An Argument

Due to the Tea Party protesters crowding up the roads in front of the Merrifield Post Office, my drive home from work yesterday took more than twice as long as it should. After sitting in the rain and the traffic slowly creeping down Lee Highway, the first protester I saw was holding a sign that said “Stop CommunIslam!” An unsettling sensations settled over me. I was both appalled at the sign’s insinuations and baffled at what those insinuations were supposed to mean. The protester who made the sign would’ve called this emotion “appaffled.”


3 Comments on “A Portmanteau Is Not An Argument”

  1. Natalie Portmanteau says:

    I’m the protester from that day at the Merrifield post office Tea Party, who made the “STOP COMMUNISLAM” sign. I found your blog entry by Googling “STOP COMMUNISLAM”–some had taken pictures of me with my sign, and I wanted to see if any pics had made it onto the ‘net.

    Glad to have gotten a rise out of you. That was my intent. How can you fail to grasp the implications of my message? Are you that dull?

    Barack Hussein Soetoro is a hybrid communist-cum-Muslim intent on destroying our free-enterprise way of life here in America by pretending to be what he is not, while employing the Cloward-Piven Strategy of Orchestrated Crisis; so far he is succeeding in pushing us at blitzkrieg-speed into a socialist morass, all the while enabling our Islamofascist enemies (his natural allies) in their jihad. He is an ineligible foreign usurper who is as anti-American as they come, a Trojan Horse sleeper agent of the Farrakhan/Marx/Alinsky school posing as some kind of charming moderate. His parentage, early life influences, and adult collaborators have all been dyed-in-the-wool communists and Islamofriendly, anti-white vermin.

    I suppose your main source of political information is along the lines of MSNBC…?

    • sandra says:

      I think what is happening is that some power hungry group are using the old divide and conquer tactic in order to bring down America. They are using the fear that is already present in conservatives (fear of Islam, fear of Communism) and using it to divide liberals and conservatives even further. So, lady holding the “Communislam” sign. How do you feel about being merely a pawn in a sophisticated power game?

  2. […] I blame my feet-dragging on Blurred Productions, an excellent site that I’ve written for since high school under the nom de plume Tito. Those posts were mostly music reviews, but occassionally I drifted into some other pop-culture commentary, or when I was really feeling bold, something political. (These always generated the best/craziest comments.) […]

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