Submitted without comment: (except to say that the bolding is mine)spiderpalm

[Joe Quesada:] This also seems like the perfect time to announce our Marvel Divas limited series, beginning in July, from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Tonci Zonjic, featuring some of the Marvel Universe’s greatest female heroes in a way you haven’t seem them before.

I’ll let Roberto explain:

The idea behind the series was to have some sudsy fun and lift the curtain a bit and take a peep at some of our most fabulous super heroines. In the series, they’re an unlikely foursome of friends–Black Cat, Hell Cat, Firestar, and Photon–with TWO things in common: They’re all leading double-lives and they’re all having romantic trouble. The pitch started as “Sex and the City” in the Marvel Universe, and there’s definitely that “naughty” element to it, but I also think the series is doing to a deeper place, asking question about what it means…truly means…to be a woman in an industry dominated by testosterone and guns. (And I mean both the super hero industry and the comic book industry.) But mostly it’s just a lot of hot fun.”



3 Comments on “Sudsy!”

  1. Doctor Brown says:

    Really? “What it really means to be a woman?” Obviously to be a sex object. God bless Joe.

  2. The Kaiser says:

    Well if there is one man in America that his finger on the pulse of woman…it’s the Editor-in-Chief of a major Comic Book Company.

  3. Doctor Brown says:

    A corollary to this would be “Gotham City Sirens,” forthcoming from Paul Dini. Judging from his recent, cheesecake-obsessed, work, this should be a real winner. It’s good to know that in desperate economic times, the big two remain committed to quality output that easily justifies spending needed money on colored bits of paper stapled together.

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