“These pictures which hint that he’s gay…”

Did you know that gay men like to show their affection for each other through kissing? And that they don’t find this activity embarrassing?stupidbill

I know quite a newsflash. Now the below clip contains Bill O’Reilly getting weirded out that pictures have surfaced of a gay contestant of American Idol kissing another man. I know: horror, upon horror. O’Reilly seems convinced that these pictures have doomed – DOOMED – this guy’s chances of winning on American Idol. I mean, there’s no way that a gay pop singer can succeed? America won’t stand for that. Boys kissing boys is gross. Hetro kissing is ok but what’s really awesome is two girls kissing – which Bill clearly agrees.

Honestly, the real problem is just PDA in general – yes, even lesbian kissin’ – especially if pictures of it surface on the internet. I can speak to this from personal experience. A picture of my girlfriend kissing me recently appeared on the internet and ruined my life – I’m shunned by my peers and am on the verge of failing out of grad school. If only I hadn’t allowed that unfortunate shot to be snapped!

Ladies and gentlemen, Bill O’Reilly is doing a public service to us all – kissing is gross and should be kept behind close doors.



4 Comments on ““These pictures which hint that he’s gay…””

  1. Tito says:

    Homosexual musicians? What’s next? Jewish comedians?

  2. don says:

    Embarrassing to whom? I’m sure Adam is not ashamed at all to be seen kissing a man he loves. Why should he be. Why is it if two men are punching each other’s lights out it draws big spenders. A little kiss between two men, however, sends people into a tizzy.

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  4. Girls kissing each other is so sexy, your site is great, i love it.

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