Submitted with comment: (but behind the cut since it contains “spoilers” – for a movie based on a book that you should have already read)

Haley, who plays the uncompromising crime fighter Rorschach, says he was thrown off by how the film amps up the violence from the comic, particularly a scene in which he hacks a criminal to death. “Zack makes it all very realistic,” Haley says. “For that scene, he got a dummy that weighed and felt like a real guy. I got a twinge, hacking away on him. But that’s why fans love him. He doesn’t back down.”


4 Comments on “Fun!”

  1. Tito says:

    Scroll down a bit on that page and read the blurb about Transformers 2. I think it’s very telling that in the span of 3 sentences, the following words appear:

    “Coming-of-age… robot-on-robot… deeper… money shots… explosions… undisguised glee.”

  2. Doctor Brown says:

    I can already see myself on the future date of March 6 (next Friday!!!) leaving the theater in disgust. From the publicity posters featuring Milleresque dialog never uttered in the book, to the changes made to the very cool ending of the story, Snyder has obviously missed the mark on this one.

    I hope this movie flops, but I know it won’t. If it does, we might see an end to the hyper-cgi, style over substance comic movies that Snyder, Miller, Peter Jackson, George Lucas, etc. foist upon an insatiable, classless movie-going public for something that could make both comic/sci-fi fans and Average Joe “The Plumber” Sixpack.

    But again, I doubt it. Rednecks will love it because of the big explosions, big tits and un-satirical (in opposition to the book) fascist overtones and liberal bashing.
    Marvel fans will tout it for its “street-level realism” (read “gloomy cynicism”).*

    And DC fans will push their glasses up the bridges of their noses with their index fingers, noting how different scenes deviate from the book, quoting page and panel. The DCU is for nerds like me, who love continuity circle jerks.

    *(I myself am a Marvel fan, but enjoy unpopular books like “Thor,” “Captain America” and “Astonishing X-Men” — Whedon’s run, not Ellis’ — where heroes can be introspective and proactive at the same time, and not just feature endless splashpages a la “Secret Invasion”).

  3. Tito says:

    I, too, am very worried about Snyder failing at conveying any sense of irony, which is largely what my post in the discussion seminar is going to be about.

  4. The Kaiser says:

    I suppose I’m going into the movie with an open mind. I am not going to make cynical remarks about a movie I haven’t seen. The translation to film might actually be good…it might not. We’ll see.

    I really don’t think the pirate backup would make much sense in this format. That is why Warners has been doing a very good underground viral campaign, much like had been done for the Dark Knight.

    Oh well…We shall see…

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