The roof is on fire…

It hurts me to write this post but Gil Troy is full of shit.

To wit:

Wow, the descent from “Yes We Can” to “I screwed up” has been rapid – and unnerving. It hurts me to write this post. Like the millions who were in Washington on Inauguration Day, and the billions who watched around the world, I want Barack Obama to succeed, America needs Obama to succeed. But as American patriots – and as historians – we cannot be so blinded by our hopes and his charms that we overlook the truth. Obama’s Keystone Kops Cabinet farce would be funny if it were not so tragic. His utter failure to put together an effective team without getting so much egg on his face plays to one of my greatest fears about Obama. As an academic who has never been an administrator (beyond one year as department chair), I wondered how he, with only minimally more administrative experience, could take on one of the most complicated executive jobs in history. So far, the results are depressing.

Let’s imagine what would have happened had George W. Bush entered the White House, with one nominee for Commerce Secretary already withdrawn because of an investigation the most basic background check should have uncovered. All we would have heard about was Republicans’ corruption and Team Bush’s incompetence. Imagine it was followed by a trio of tax slobs, topped by a new Commerce Secretary from across the aisle who realized a week after his nomination that he and the administration were incompatible. (One wonders, did it take that long for Judd Gregg to realize that he was a conservative Republican and that the Republicans lost, he was being hired by a Democratic president?) And then, to top it all off, imagine if one of the tax slackers, who, by the way, was now in charge of the Internal Revenue Service, whose services were so in need his careless paperwork was overlooked, launched a critical financial program in such a nervous, vague, hamhanded way, the stock market plummeted after his presentation. This personnel trainwreck would have created a Tsunami of contemptuous laughter, particularly among reporters, pundits, and comedians.

Obama hasn’t caught shit for his appointments? I’m not sure if Dr. Troy has been watching the same cable news as I have been – Obama’s been taking it from all corners. And comedians haven’t been making fun of him and his personnel problems? Has Dr. Troy not been watching The Daily Show and The Colbert Report?

As for “liberal bias” of the media, it seems to be going the other way for Obama – as in the “liberal press” seems to be holding him to a much higher standard than they held George W. Bush for much of his administration. The list of incompetents and people with dubious backgrounds that the media and Congress rubbed stamped is quite long (for example: anyone Bush appointed to run the Justice Department).

As for this bit:

Careful analyses of the 2008 presidential campaign will discover a systematic bias in favor of Obama. His story was fresher, more compelling, and thus less scrutinized than Hillary Clinton’s, John McCain’s, or the other also-rans. Even some journalists have admitted in retrospect that many reporters liked Obama, loved the idea of Obama, and frequently gave him a free pass.

I have one thing to say: I know that I’m only a lowly grad student but Dr. Tory show your fucking work. Do not just assert such sweeping claims without quoting anybody or any study. I mean – fuck – he could have found something on FOX News in like two seconds.

But that wouldn’t fit the narrative would it?

UPDATE: Point, set, match…



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