Oh Coraline, no…

Did anyone else see Coraline? No?

Well I did. And I liked it a great deal. Much is surprising because at the abstract I should have despised this film. My hatred of The Nightmare Before Christmas is epic – almost to the level of a jihad. But I great enjoyed this film. Why? Because it doesn’t elevate weirdness to the level of fetish (and the weirdness is exactly bad in Coraline, fancy that!)? Is it the association with Neil Gaiman? Perhaps it was that a black cat got to be one of the heroes? My psyche is difficult to penetrate.

More later, maybe.

5 Comments on “Oh Coraline, no…”

  1. Tito says:

    I saw [i]Coraline[/i] last night and loved it. And while I don’t hate [i]The Nightmare Before Christmas[/i], I thought [i]Coraline[/i] was an all-around better film. For one, there was a substantial story to back up the style (and the style was improved on top of that). Second, and more importantly, [i]Coraline[/i] has this sort of magical sensibility that was [i]Nightmare[/i] lacked. Take some of the quiet moments early in the movie, where Coraline is wandering around in her muddy backyard or looking for something to do in the house while it’s raining. Those scenes tap into the feeling being a lonely and bored child. Very few animated films bother conveying something that feels that genuine.

  2. Tito says:

    Hmm… apparently italics don’t work the way I thought in comments. Good to know.

  3. I think you have to use and in comments…

  4. funny, i was trying to say you have to is and in comments…


    CURSES!! (and hilarity)

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