“When I finish this story, some may believe we’re on the way to the Hitler Youth”

Glen Beck, submitted without comment:

Now you’ve got the former vice-president of the United States and a Nobel Prize winner looking your kid in the eye and telling them, ‘You know what? You know things that your mom and dad don’t.’

… The government and its friends are indoctrinating our children for the control of their minds, your freedom, and our choice and our future. It must STOP! Because history — when properly taught — has already shown us where it leads. This is what Nazi leader Josef Goebbels said about the Hitler Youth:

If such an art of active mass influence through propaganda is joined with the long-term systematic education of a nation, and if both are conducted in a unified and precise way, the relationship between the leadership and the nation will always remain close.

Well, what’s next? If Mom and Dad decide to keep the temperature above 72, should our ‘Gore Youth’ report Mom and Dad? Should they also report groundings and spankings every time Daddy comes home to watch that evil Fox News?



2 Comments on ““When I finish this story, some may believe we’re on the way to the Hitler Youth””

  1. The Kaiser says:

    I have to say I enjoy the idea of the a ‘Gore Youth’ – seems much more inclusive and friendly than previous Youth arms of other organizations, for example:

    Young Republicans
    Young NRA
    Reagan Youth

    With regards to Mr. Beck –

    “Verbosity leads to unclear, inarticulate things.”
    Al Gore

  2. doctorbrown says:

    But children do learn things there parents didn’t know. I’m sure Mr. Beck has more computer knowledge than his parents’ generation does, for example. Learning to adapt to new technology and better understanding of the world is PROGRESS — not limited to globalizing the economy or exporting our jobs to cheap foreign labor so that multinational companies can bankrupt our economy anymore!
    Again an example of how conservatives want culture to make a Great Leap Backward.
    Don’t worry Mr. Beck. You can keep your head buried in the sand and let your children solve the world’s problems. Your generation had its chance to change the world, and you’ve surely earned some rest.

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