Strange Adventures

I’m back…sort of. You’d think unemployment would keep me posting but I find unemployment keeping me busier and more depressed than ever. With that said I wanted to bring some thoughts finally onto Final Crisis.

A few weeks back I bought the DC Showcase: Strange Adventures. This is pure sci-fi Silver Age nonsense. I love it. Granted that writing isn’t great, but its the ideas of that era that flourish. This to me is what is great about the DCU. I look to this 500 + page collection of Silver Age comics and look at how ridiculous it is. I look at Final Crisis as an extension of this, the high ideals, high minded, high science of the 50’s & 60’s where anything was possible and nothing was left untouched. I see Grant Morisson taking these pieces (more so in All-Star Superman) and creating something suspenseful, imaginative, and exciting. Isn’t that what comics are supposed to do? Entertain? Obviously Final Crisis is also a very personal tale of the New Gods and an exploration of Gods are in general. Has it had its pitfalls? Sure, but I also think that is partly by design. I feel the reader is supposed to feel as disjointed as the characters are portrayed. Seriously…what the hell is happening?

— Till Next Time.


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