Holy charred corpse, Batman!

Warning: If you don’t like spoilers, you should really buy event books on the day they come out.

[Editor – I’m going to be nice to people who don’t read Final Crisis and put the spoilers below the cut]

So, the Dark Knight broke his “solemn vow” regarding firearms and capped Darkseid after fleeing Mokkari’s torture chamber in Final Crisis # 6, only to be rendered extra crispy by the dark lord’s Omega Beams.
Judging by the last page, Bruce Wayne’s deader than Dillinger.
However, after applying some fundamental logic (Bruce Wayne as Batman is an iconic pop cultural force, and way too profitable for AOL/Time Warner) and literary study, I re-read exactly what Darkseid says to Bruce, pre-frying his ass.
“Can you outrace the Omega Sanction – the death that is life?”
I thought about where I had heard him refer to his power as the Omega Sanction before, and I remembered that in Morrison’s earlier Mr. Miracle mini-series, Darkseid refers to the trap that he ensnares Shiloh Norman in as “The Omega Sanction.” Proving his abilities as the world’s greatest escapist, Shiloh broke free and returned from death, his ties to the New Gods even stronger.
Putting this together, and following Morrison’s writing style in which every word is important, every frame laced with hidden meaning, I began to consider two things: First, in the end of Batman R.I.P., the Dark Knight has an inner monologue while buried alive discussing how he has trained himself to escape any trap. Not only does he literally rise from the grave, but he had also undergone intense spiritual training at Nanda Parbat, the DCU’s catch-all pseudo-Buddhist monastery, which he taught himself to confront spiritual death. Then, I also recalled a rumor circulating early on in the Final Crisis/R.I.P. stories that Batman would rise again as a New God himself.

Putting the pieces together, I have come to the following predictions:

One: Batman becomes/replaces Orion.
The reason for this is that Batman’s last case as the World’s Greatest Detective was to investigate the murder of Orion. Given the two characters’ similar world view and drive to vengeance, it would seem to make sense that Bruce could replace the Dog of War, for at least a while.

Two: Batman becomes the Spectre.
Granted, it would be stupid for a variety of reasons, but Crispus Allen has really sucked in this role. Plus, the idea of a black man turning white – see the miscolored Shiloh Norman in later issues of Final Crisis – really ticks me off. With Bruce as the Specter, you get someone who has been a living embodiment of vengeance for most of his life rising in a form “more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” It would make more sense than Hal Jordan as the embodiment of “God’s Forgiveness” crap.

The third, and perhaps most likely, possibility is that DC editors simply find some really dumb way to drop Bruce back into continuity, alive and well. I am wondering why Zatanna did not do something to resurrect J’onn J’onz, but maybe “NRUTER OT EFIL, NAITRAM RETNUHNAM!” is too hard to say.

p.s. Newsarama’s Matt Brady reaches a similar conclusion here:



One Comment on “Holy charred corpse, Batman!”

  1. psycholarry says:

    Internet theory that’s popped up – Barry outraces the Omega Sanction and takes Batman’s place. Guess that wouldn’t explain why he was in Batman’s costume, but that would be pretty cool.

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