I’m just tired. So very tired…

From the Wasp’s Wikipedia page. (Wikipedia the only source for info on bad – but important – event comics. You read the plot and can imagine what happened from there. It usually better than reading the actual comic.) Re: the events of Secret Invasion:

She was among the Mighty Avengers who were fighting heroes from the Skrull ship. She is later seen with the rest of the Avengers heading to New York to confront the Skrulls. Whilst fighting the skrulls, it is revealed the true purpose of the serum that the skrull Hank Pym gave her. After Queen Veranke is thought dead, Skrull Pym hits a button that begins to make Jan increase in size rapidly. She realizes the “new” particles Pym gave her are turning her into a bio-bomb. Jan’s seen growing to huge size, emitting black-purple energy, and about to explode. Janet tries to flee the battlefield and take as many Skrulls with her, unfortunately in order to save the humans, Thor kills her to put her out of her misery, vowing to avenge her. Her death provides motivation for male characters and thus is a classic example of Women in Refrigerators. A preview of Mighty Avengers show Hank Pym wearing a new costume that resembles or honors the Wasp.

I’m sure the last part will be edited away.

It seems Bendis fired his misogyny gun again.

Bendis constantly breaks my heart. Really can the man who has shepherded Ultimate Spider-Man so well – for years upon years now – really produce this cliched – and in this case stereotypically sexist – shit known as “event comics”?

Don’t answer that.


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