Let’s give this a try…

Following up on this. I think we are going to go ahead and try start doing “discussion seminars” here at Blurred Productions.

Here’s how it will work. We’ll set a topic (generally dealing with some form of entertainment & pop-culture) and then each member of the Blurred Productions community will contribute a post on that seminar’s topic over a period of a few days. Each seminar will start with a “topic post” (like this one) that lists the topic and dates for the seminar.  At the end of the seminar I’ll put up a “gateway” post that links to everybody’s contributions.

I’m also going to throw it open to any of readers who also have blogs (are there any of those out there?). If you wish to contribute just write a post on your blog and then comment on each seminar’s topic post and I’ll make sure you get linked in the final “gateway” post.

The first few seminars will focus on “books vs. movies”, if those prove successful we’ll see where we go from there.

Our first seminar will be on themes of  Dark Knight and the Killing Joke (especially those of the nature of law, order, justice, sanity, and human nature). To participate one must at least watch the Dark Knight (available here and at retail stores starting tomorrow) and read the Killing Joke (available in this collection and other places). Contributors are welcome to bring other Batman stories into the discussion but must talk about the Killing Joke and Dark Knight.

Our “Dark Knight Seminar” will run from this Friday (December 12th) to this Sunday (December 15).

Questions, comments, discussion , etc. are welcome. Just comment on this post.


5 Comments on “Let’s give this a try…”

  1. Doctor Brown says:

    Totally down for it.

  2. Tito says:

    I might need to borrow a copy of the Killing Joke from someone. I’ve read it before, but I don’t own it.

    But my brother does own it… maybe I can snatch a copy from him…

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  4. I can lend you a copy of the Killing Joke and Dark Knight if you need it. I just finished my entry so I don’t need either at the moment.

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