Here’s looking at you, kid…

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PC Gaming has relatively struggled, compared to the console industry, due to the near constant need to upgrade a computer to get the most out of the latest games. Most games will still play on a PC that’s a few years old, but you don’t get the equal or even superior experience you can get from a console or high-end computer. What TorrentFreak’s list has done is given companies and consumers an easily quantifiable idea of just how much money PC game companies have lost to piracy this year. First, here’s TorrentFreak’s list:

#     game                   downloads           released
1     Spore                   (1,700,000)         (Sept. 2008)
2     The Sims 2           (1,150,000)         (Sept. 2004)
3     Assassins Creed    (1,070,000)         (Nov. 2007)
4     Crysis                  (940,000)            (Nov. 2007)
5     Com&Conquer 3    (860,000)           (Mar. 2007)
6     Call of Duty 4        (830,000)           (Nov. 2007)
7     GTA San Andreas   (740,000)           (Jun. 2005)
8     Fallout 3               (645,000)           (Oct. 2008)
9     Far Cry 2              (585,000)           (Oct. 2008)
10   Pro Evo Soccer ‘09 (470,000)           (Oct. 2008)

That comes out to 8.99 million downloads, via torrents, of just the top ten. Obviously there are way more than 10 PC games that were pirated in the last year, and this number doesn’t include console versions or games downloaded via other means. If for simplicity’s sake we say a new PC game costs $49.99 (allowing for the fact that The Sims 2 obviously no longer costs that much), this is about $449 million dollars in lost revenue for retailers, producers, and developers.


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