Someone once said something about a club…

So I was thinking, why don’t we try and get a book or discussion club going over the winter? What I mean about this that all of us contributors read/view the same thing and then we each do a post on it. We also invite any of our readers (if there are any) to contribute too.

Some suggestions of topics:

Since Dark Knight is coming out soon we could do watch that and read the Killing Joke and compare them. They have some serious similarities but I think important differences.

Or maybe we could do something on Dune, I’ve been looking for an excuse to reread that book for awhile.

Maybe, we do something Star Wars – we could read Traitor and Betrayl and talk about the nature of the Force and morality in the Star Wars universe.

We could read a history book too – or something philosophical – or whatever. I’m up for suggestions.

What does everybody think of my (crazy?) idea?


6 Comments on “Someone once said something about a club…”

  1. Tito says:

    That sounds good to me. I think it might help to have some sort of overarching theme, but one that we wouldn’t get tired of. Something like a “book vs. movie” comparison, since there’s never any shortage of adapted screenplays. Or, if you want an excuse to do Dune, we could write articles where one of us writes as someone who has seen the movie, read the book, whatever, for the second or hundredth time, and another one of us writes as someone completely new to the book/movie/etc.

  2. those are good points. i’ll keep them in consideration as we are move forward.

  3. psycholarry says:

    You know how much I hate reviewing things. And I hardly ever read or watch movies.

  4. doctorbrown says:

    I agree with Tito. Book Vs. Movie can be fun, and covers a variety of topics/genres.

  5. cool.

    i’m leaning towards comparing themes of the killing joke and the dark knight (especially towards law, order, good and evil) as our first experiment in this.

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