Hot lesbian make-outs!

Thank you Newsweek for a great profile of Rachel Maddow. Not only does it contain this wonderful little bit from David Frum:

When [David Frum] went on air he slammed the show as part of the problem, with its “heavy sarcasm and sneering disregard for a lot of substantive issues that are really important.” She fought back, challenging the idea that making jokes on a news show could be morally equivalent to calling out “terrorist” at a rally. He told NEWSWEEK that while he considered Maddow to be an “unusually thoughtful and intelligent person,” her show was one of many on cable TV that turned politics into a circus.

Because David Frum – and those like him – with his wonderful obfuscating about the Bush administration for the last 8 years has not turned politics into “a circus”. No, it was the snarky liberals! OF COURSE!

This from the man who termed “Axis of Evil”…

Back to the point. Newsweek also gave us this bit about Maddow’s partner: (italics are mine)

Today, the most important thing in Maddow’s life is Mikula, 50, her partner for the past 10 years. They met when Mikula—who is warm, friendly and curvaceous, with vivid green eyes and blond hair

Oh yes, Maddow’s gay partner is curvaceous! HAWT.

Do you think that if Maddow’s name was “Rob” instead of “Rachel” Newsweek would be describing “his” partner /girlfriend/wife as curvaceous? What Rachel was a gay man? Would “his” partner be discribed as having great abs or some such? I think fucking not.

So, thanks Newsweek. Thanks a fucking a lot.

[Also: I am well aware of the idiot traffic the post title will bring.]


9 Comments on “Hot lesbian make-outs!”

  1. Terra says:

    ROFL, I almost couldn’t come. I am not interested in seeing any lesbian love, not that I would take lesbians away from having love, I just don’t want to see it… Glad I did, i agree not polite at all…

  2. Tito says:

    You’ve finally learned to embrace the sort of essential key words you’ll need to succeed on the Internet. It works with “Crossing the Line.”

  3. Doctor Brown says:

    Totally disappointing post. Not once was I turned on. What a fucking joke. Shame on you, Mr. Michaels. Your constant, and baffling, liberal-tree-hugging-animal-not-eating-lesbo-friendly-anti-macho agenda must end. I am calling for your resignation, effective immediately. Boooosh.

  4. Truly, are we really going to engage in a bitch fight over the direction of the site? They are a proud tradition on previous editions of Blurred Productions but I hope that we’d moved on from them.

    But in the words of George W. Bush: bring it on!

  5. Doctor Brown says:

    Hmm, so now I have to commit to my tongue-in-cheek tirade, which I thought actually emphasized your point? Very well, consider it brought.

  6. it seems that – once again – a diplomatic misunderstanding has led to war.

    i too as being snarky.

  7. Doctor Brown says:

    Too late to stop now, they’ll accuse us of being lily-livered and unpatriotic.

  8. one day they will write an tragic epic history that begins with sad episode…

  9. Doctor Brown says:

    So, my discussion is useless, eh? As our emissaries negotiated for piece with Michaels, he stabbed us in the back by down-playing our very legitimate concerns. We see how it is. I can think of no greater pretext to war than this arrogant, patronizing display. I hope your men are good with trenches — this is going to be longer, and bloodier than any other conflict in history. In short, Michaels, you have been put on notice.

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