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Holiday! HOLIDAY!!!! Continuing from here.

ALSO: Bill O’Reilly airs a Daily Show segment on San Fransisco and it’s decline from a “working class town” to the heartland of secular-progressive America (read: inclusion of gays, transgendered people, liberals, pot smokers, you know the typical shit).

For the record I was in San Fransisco (and even worse: Berkley!) just a few months ago. I was not once offered pot, nor did I see a a drug deal go down, or encounter large amount of homeless people for a major metropolitan city. There was a lot of vegan food though. But a cab-driver did rip me off. So: fuck ’em!

And you know, I’m in New York City and Washington DC quite often and – more often than not – I see more than “one or two homeless people” at a time. In fact I was in NYC this very weekend and encountered a band of homeless men and women who were ripping babies out of their strollers and devouring the poor dears body and soul. All of this in front of the Union Square Whole Foods! Horrors, horrors, horrors!

Plus in the – I don’t know – couple of dozen cities and towns that I’ve passed through, visited, or lived in (or near) I’d never seen “neon lights” or strip clubs or massage parlors before I went to the city by the Bay – and I’ve been to New Orleans! Pre-Katrina too. IT WARPED MY MIND TO SEE SUCH HORRORS. When I’m in NYC, I never – ever – encounter ads for strip clubs. Not on the side of buses. Or cabs. Or bus stops. Or the side of buildings. Or on TV. None at all.

Those fucking Left Coasters!


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