You’ve Been Summoned Back to Azeroth!

Blizzard Entertainment wants me to fail out of school!

You’ve been summoned back to Azeroth! Your World of Warcraft® account [account name deleted for my own sake] has been selected to receive 10 FREE days of game time and a FREE trial of The Burning Crusade® expansion pack.

During your 10 FREE days, you’ll have access to all of the new and exciting features that have been added to World of Warcraft, including:

* Faster Leveling Times — Ascend to the epic powers of the highest levels faster than ever before! Your hero will level almost twice as fast from level 1 to 60.
* Mounts at Level 30 — Why walk when you can ride? Mounts are now available at level 30 to get you around faster.
* The Continent of Outland — Journey beyond the Dark Portal and into the shattered world of Outland to discover the fate of its denizens. Explore an entire continent loaded with thousands of new quests.
* Two Bold New Races — Whether embracing the mystical energies of the blood elves or unleashing the Light-given power of the draenei, new realms of power and possibility await.
* Increased Level Cap — Advance to level 70 with The Burning Crusade, gaining powerful new talents and abilities along the way.
* And much more! Click here to view the latest content additions to World of Warcraft.

Note that you may need to download an update before you start playing.

Act now, because this portal will close in 30 days.

We hope you enjoy your 10 FREE days of game time and FREE trial of The Burning Crusade — and we look forward to seeing you online.

The World of Warcraft Team

For shame, Blizzard. FOR SHAME! I simply refuse to become addicted to the walking-killing math equation of game again.


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