Literally true…

This is the greatest art movement of the 21st century:

It’s called “literal video“:

There is a new destabilizing trend in YouTubeLand called ‘literal video” or “Literal [name of rock video or movie here].” It’s a form of satire that seems to work best with the more inflated, ’80s or ’90s pop-rock videos, the ones that were developed as little storytelling movies, even though the “movies” had little to do with the song itself or seemed patently pretentious, with or without the song. In short, there’s a profound disjuncture among the posturing twit-lead singer, what he’s supposedly singing about and what’s going on all around him. As they used to say about political photo-ops: It doesn’t matter what the candidate is saying, it’s the background he’s in front of and how he looks, an approach that reached its nadir with the infamous 2002 President-Bush-on-Mt.-Rushmore photo op (typically — and now with painful irony — no one remembers the actual occasion, which was his speech on “homeland and economic security.”)




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