The obvious is awesome…

The very much obvious and long awaited Bioware Star Wars MMO has been announced. This is great news, though I remain skeptical. I was – as they say – burned by Star Wars: Galaxies.

All of the revelant info is here. What looks interesting is that they are trying to “humanize” the Sith, which doesn’t really makie sense in the Star Wars context but if you’re going to go the WoW route it seems necessary. I am dubious that this “story-driven” concept will work. But if it does I think it’ll solve a  lot of problems I have with MMO – namely that you are a walking, talking, murdering math equation and not much else.. But we will have to see.

Consider me very interesting in how this project is going to shape up.

Oh and the graphics (righ now) kind of suck. But whatever.



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