The Top Ten Best Episodes of ‘The Office’…

Borrowing from Tito…

The following is a completely arbitrary – but still 1000% correct – list of the best episodes of The Office.

10.) Diversity Day

diversity day
The first season of The Office kind of sucks – particularly in light of the later seasons – but this episode really stands out. From the race card scene to Micheal’s “Chris Rock” routine to the Pam and Jim cuteness. “Diversity Day” really stands out as showing just how great this show would become starting with the second season.

9.) Casino Night

casinonightWith this episode the producers showed that they were willing to shake things up and not just keep their story lines stalled and play out the same tension over and over again. Plus we first get exposed to Kevin’s band. Police cover bands = pure hilarity.

8.) The Dundies


Drunk Pam + Michael’s song parodies = sheer brilliance. Also: “like an AIDS test?” & “bushiest beaver”

7.) Goodbye, Tobygoodbyetoby

What is not love about this episode? It is pure Micheal hilarity: from his inability to really go after Toby because he needs to impress Holly, to his desperately trying to be “cool” about Holly in general, and his reaction to Jan being preggers. Also: Ryan being arrested.

6.) Launch Party

Dwight v. the computer? One of the best ideas the writers of this show ever had.

5.) The Deposition

A fine example of a genre of Office episodes which I like to call “painful-funny”. Much of this episode is just hilarious but just the idea of a person (even a jerkish fictional one) being put through it all is painful. Also: Kelly’s shit-talking.

6.) Local Ad

It is as simple as this: Dwight playing Second Life.

5.) The Job

This episode has a lot of pay off, especially considering the huge about the character work they did with Pam throughout the third season. Plus, Dwight running the office? Great.

4.) The Negotiation

This episode begins perfectly with Dwight spraying Roy and ends perfectly with Dwight spraying Andy. As if you needed more, the whole Micheal and Darryl bit is hilarious.

3.) The Fire

thefireRYAN STARTED THE FIRE. Because Billy Joel jokes are teh awesome.

2.) Business School

This episode has everything that makes the series great; hilarious physical comedy, very touching character bits, and great dialogue. Plus, Joss Whedon and bats.

1.) Ben Franklin

Ok. Strippers, subtle characterization, hilarious Dwight bits, and historical jokes. What’s not to love?

This my list. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments.


11 Comments on “The Top Ten Best Episodes of ‘The Office’…”

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Fine list. I would find room for ‘The Return’ and ‘Product Recall.’

  3. Aaron says:

    Um, excuse me where the **** is Safety Training?

  4. Aaron says:

    NO! I mean Stress Relief. That’s the shit.
    I haven’t even seen Safety Training

  5. Rebs02 says:

    Totally agree with Aaron, safety training is the s***!

  6. brent squires says:

    Dude!! where is dinner party!? definitely one of the best episodes!

  7. JD says:

    I can’t believe “The Carpet” is not listed. That episode is jaw droping, pee inducing, side splitting, hysterical from beginning to end!

  8. JD says:

    P.S. True, there are many funny episodes, but The Carpet? I pissed my pants!!!! Number 1!!!

  9. dmac says:

    Okay, as annoying as it to disagree with other people opinions, I just got done watching the ‘dinner party’ and it is probably the funniest episode ever. So many awkward moments you have to laugh.

  10. micheal scott says:

    Where is the dinner party? Or survivor man? Those two alone are classics. Other than the fact I hate the fire episode great list

  11. jim says:

    stress relief!! ALL TIME FAV!!!

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