ARG Poll has Obama in lead in WV

ARG poll:

West Virginia

Interview dates: October 4-8, 2008

Sample size: 600 likely voters

Margin of error: ± 4 percentage points, 95% of the time

Question wording and responses:

If the general election were being held today between John McCain for president and Sarah Palin for vice president, the Republicans, and Barack Obama for president and Joe Biden for vice president, the Democrats, for whom would you vote – McCain and Palin, Obama and Biden (names rotated), or someone else?

West Virginia
McCain Obama Other Undecided
Likely voters 42% 50% 3% 5%
Democrats (55%) 20% 76% 2% 2%
Republicans (35%) 79% 10% 2% 9%
Independents (10%) 38% 50% 7% 5%
Men (48%) 49% 46% 3% 2%
Women (52%) 36% 54% 3% 7%
18 to 49 (53%) 40% 51% 4% 5%
50 and older (47%) 45% 50% 1% 4%
Sep 14-16 49% 45% 7%

3 Comments on “ARG Poll has Obama in lead in WV”

  1. is the sample size too small to be representative… i might have to break out the old textbooks.

  2. The Kaiser says:

    if you look at most sampling data in many states including va, you’ll look at the same universe.

    the fact that demographics are pretty stable throughout the state still speaks well to this poll.

    Essentially white ‘lunch bucket’ democrats are migrating towards obama.

    however, it could have been isolated to a geographic region.

    if so, we’re fucked.

  3. Doctor Brown says:

    It’s interesting to see the mountain state’s electoral fortune’s could shift. It might almost restore my faith in the good, common sense of her people … almost.

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