Despite the problems with the John Byrne reboot there were certain valuable elements that I felt should not be undone. This was one of them.

Not that my Superman: The Animated Series opinion really mattered. It is important that we go back to the fundamentals of the Superman mythos – you know, like having Earth filled with Kryptonians.


5 Comments on “Fundamentalism…”

  1. Doctor Brown says:

    I dunno. I thought that scene popped. I have been very skeptical of Geoff Johns in recent years, but I’ll have to hand this one to him — this was an engaging story.
    My main problems with this ark have centered around the idea of a Braniac who dresses like some kind of goth raver and can throw Superman around like a rag doll. That has never been the source of Braniac’s power or menace. I hate stories where a man who can push the Earth out of orbit can be wrestled into submission by some heretofore unknown muscleman (shame on you as well, Jerry Robinson). Lame. Also, the implied sexual danger in the story was a bit much (naughty tentacles, really?)
    But the story, and especially the last issue had some great moments, for instance when Superman inspires Supergirl to confront her childhood trauma suffered at the hands of Braniac and save the Solar System.
    New Krypton is an interesting step to take, but I don’t feel it is a sustainable story ark. While having Flamebird and Nightwing (the Kryptonian vigilantes and not the human heroes they inspired) running around on Earth could be an interesting counterpoint to Superman, who was firmly established as a product of his terrestrial upbringing and not of the stars. But if it dominates the comics for more than 6 issues, I may stop reading Superman comics for a while, until they turn the entire DCU over to Grant Morrison.
    p.s. R.I.P. John Kent. ‘Nuff said, true believers.

  2. Doctor Brown says:

    Incidentally, what are your top 5 all time Superman stories? I’d appreciate anyone’s answer.

  3. The Kaiser says:

    Top 5:

    5 – Birthright

    4 – …For The Man Who Has Everything

    3 – All-Star Superman

    2 – The Death of Superman (Silver Age…look it up)

    1 – Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?

  4. Doctor Brown says:

    All-Star is only #3? I find this perplexing, but there is no accounting for taste.

  5. in no particular order:

    the death of superman (90s version… look it up)
    superman: red v. blue
    joker’s last laugh (it was superman story)
    electric blue superman
    the superman left behind story that jim lee did right around infinite crisis

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