Now more than ever we need hope…

I’m not saying we need an individual to leap tall buildings or to stop bullets nor am I going to go on a diatribe our escapist fantasies with regards to our mythologies but…

We need hope. Remember when Superman was a champion of Social Justice issues?

Right now, I’m seeing some pretty down trodden people that are being directly affected by this economy and whilst individuals squabble in Congress and on the campaign trail, people are really hurting.

I don’t know really where I’m going with this. I just was noticing how this economy is hurting people and I was reading about Superman. Just some quick ramblings before a meeting….

…he better win.


One Comment on “Now more than ever we need hope…”

  1. huxbux says:

    Hope was the fleeting quality of temporality. Just give me some good news.

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