Baltimore Comic-Con: The Good, The Bad, and the FUCK!!!

As Smith Michaels indicated earlier, a good number of the staff attended our annual Comic-Con. Here is my review:


1. Jim Lee

2. Geoff Johns (though i had no chance of even getting in line to get something signed)

3. Bendis

4. More panels

5. Bigger crowds (considering the weather and the economy)

6. The hotel prices!

7. Lack of Yankee or Red Sox fans to drive up hotel costs

8. Tim Sale (more on that later………..)

9. More media coverage.

10. Drunken stories.

11. Middle America

12. The Black Glove


The Bad:

1. Retailers – seriously, nothing good! I could barely find any trades worth buying.

2. The crowds

3. Rude nerds (more on that later………)

4. Too short again. It really needs to be a 3-day Con.



I’m going to break here and talk about a horrid experience from a 45 year old man. This is the first time in my 25 years on this planet that I have literally heard a grown man whine. I hope he reads this because I want him to know what a horrible, pathetic, depraved asshole he really is. Seeing nerds run is almost like the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona but unfortunately there wasn’t a Bull to gore or trample them, because I’d pay good money to see that. Back to the asshole. I made my way to the Tim Sale line to get a commissioned sketch from him at the time the convention opened to the general public and I happened to be the last person in that day to get a sketch. That wasn’t going to fly for our shitty friend here, because he pointed out that he had been waiting in line since 4:30 am. While I doubt that, because his mother would have gotten him up inevitably and I’m sure she didn’t want to get up that early. Mr. Sale’s assistant came over to help mediate the one-sided argument, as he was the only one speaking and I was just in awe of his whining. She pointed out that since I had a retailer tag (I was helping my former boss with set up and he gave me a pass) that I would have to leave the line and that the jerkstore would get my spot. While I’m not mad that I got ejected from a line because of that, I’m upset because he probably asked to get Superman or some lame ass Heroes sketch. My spot was wasted on that. I realize I’m probably sounding insanely nerdy right now and that my rage is probably unnecessary, I merely want to point out that there is no justice in this world. He is also probably proud of the fact that he was able to whine and moan to get what he wants. I was happy to step aside as to not create any type of controversy, but my god…GROW UP ASSHOLE.

That is all…FUCK…..


All in all, there were far more positives to outweigh any potential negative. It was a good time for all.

I give it 7 out of 10 Bones.


3 Comments on “Baltimore Comic-Con: The Good, The Bad, and the FUCK!!!”

  1. davethegame says:

    Heh, we got kicked out of a thing Jim Lee was doing, so he wouldn’t be on our good list.

    I picked up a small book from Stuart Immomen called “50 reasons to stop sketching at conventions” and I betcha that guy is in there 🙂

    What would you have gotten sketched from Tim Sale?

  2. Doctor Brown says:

    “I belong here.” – a certain former Preacher artist who has collaborated with Alan Moore to a star-struck, drunken BP staffer at Goddess club.

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