A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…

Tomorrow a good majority (myself, Psycholarry, The Kaiser, and Doctor Brown) of the staff of Blurred Productions will be heading out to our annual sojourn to the Charm City for the 9th Annual Baltimore Comic-Con. This is my 6th Baltimore trip, which makes me feel vaguely old… but that’s really not possible considering I’m not really old.

Here is the guest list. Considering that both Jim Lee and Brian Bendis (and Geoff Johns too!) will be there this could easily be the largest Baltimore yet! Which could be a good or a bad thing. There was a lot of growth last year but that wasn’t completely for the best. But I have my hopes that the organizers know what they are getting into this time.

There isn’t an official schedule of panels on the website yet, so I don’t know exactly what’ll be coming out of this convention. I did hear something about some sort of debate (?) between Bendis and Robert Kirkman? About the future of comics? I’m sure it be stupid. But it is the sort of stupidity one must see for themselves.

So, since we’ll all be away from home there will be little blogging from us until Sunday night or Monday at the earliest. So, sadly (if you care) there will be no debate coverage from us. If there is a debate tonight.

Anyway, I’ll be live blogging from the floor of the con on my Twitter account. (Hopefully, that will not annoy any of my fellow Twitters)

So, internets. Are there any of you out there who are heading out to Baltimore tomorrow? If so, I hope to see you there!

UPDATE: The Beat has the convention schedule. Here’s the blurb about the Bendis/Kirkman panel:

Kirkman vs. Bendis: The Future of Comics
Oa room (upstairs, room 307)
What began as an open letter on the future of comics has turned into one of the hottest topics to hit the industry in decades. Now, the two main opposing forces in the discussion get together as Robert Kirkman and Brian Michael Bendis come face to face in a no-holds-barred debate! Don’t miss out on what promises to be the most talked about panel of the year!


3 Comments on “A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do…”

  1. davethegame says:

    Critical Hits will be there covering the show as well! But thanks to an ill-timed class, we’ll only be there on Sunday.

  2. hope to see you guys there!

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