Is this America?

Is North Carolina really out of gas?

County Urges Citizens Not to Panic – Conserve Where Possible

Based on discussion with local fuel distributors in our area, the County is asking all citizens to conserve their gas.  Local distributors report that it will be at least another week before fuel is flowing regularly in our area.  Deliveries will remain sporadic to stations throughout the area.

County officials are confident that they have enough fuel to keep all essential services such as emergency management and law enforcement running so that all 911 calls will be answered without interruption.  All non-emergency County staff have been asked to continue on an alternate schedule and/or from home this week.  Citizens will notice fewer employees in County offices but all services will be provided and all offices will remain open with reduced staff.  These measures will help assure fuel for emergency responders and our citizens.  Further reductions will be made if necessary.

They ask that all citizens please consolidate trips to conserve and consider cancelling unnecessary driving until we see the end of the diminished supply in our area.

That is some crazy shit!



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