Oh, *please*…

Look, I’m all for the new Farscape comic series from BOOM! Studios. I am on the record as a Farscape fan.

However, Newarama giving interview space for Mark Waid (editor & chief of BOOM!) to talk to Rockne S. O’Bannon (creator of Farscape) is a bit much.

And it leads to shit like this:

MW: Tell fans how this project came to BOOM!

RO: Farscape is a very carefully protected asset of the Jim Henson Company. It’s Brian Henson’s baby. And if we were going to continue the saga in this different medium, we were only going to do it with a partner who knew and respected the original series. The folks at BOOM! are crazy-passionate ‘Scapers. Scary, really. Marry that to BOOM!’s reputation as an wildly original, creative, truly bold comic producer, and we knew we’d found our partner.

Talk about a mutual masturbation society. I have little patience for interviews like this where creators from other mediums (TV, movies, etc.) spout off the usual inane pleasantries (I love comics! Working with an artist is great!) but tell us little if anything important. Usually such interviews would be better off as a short blurb giving a hint or two about what’s coming and that’s it. Instead we get the standard fill in the blank wankery week after week.

That said, I am looking forward to more Farscape.

UPDATE: The above does not go into the ethical conundrum posited by a news source giving content space to the head of a company – they are supposed to cover as journalists – for what is essentially advertising copy. I thought it and its implications were obvious.


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