Now your world is mine…

Now this is change you can believe in!

Time reported last week that Palin asked Emmons about the process for banning library books. Emmons was reportedly “aghast” at the question. Soon after, Palin fired Emmons, and news reports from the time indicate that Palin thought Emmons hadn’t done enough to give her “full support” to the mayor. (Palin reversed course on Emmons’s dismissal after a local outcry.)

ABC News added a report this week, explaining that Palin took office thanks in large part to the strong backing of her church, the Wasilla Assembly of God, which, right around the time Palin took office, “began to focus on certain books” the church wanted to see removed from shelves.

And now we know Palin repeatedly broached the subject of banning books, and locals acknowledge that Palin, as mayor, “brought pressure on the library.”



2 Comments on “Now your world is mine…”

  1. […] building on something I noted earlier: The new mayor also tended carefully to her evangelical base. She appointed a pastor to the town […]

  2. DoctorBrown says:

    Wow, Smith. Thanks for helping to perpetuate the Elite Media’s sexist criticism of Sarah Palin, a God-fearing, hockey mom who looks just like the plurality of the population and based on these truths, should be shown deference. Wait, what’s that? This isn’t a theocracy? This isn’t a monarchy, where the media has to show deference to a leader annointed by Jaweh/Jesus/God himself? This is a presidential election in a representative democracy? This is part of vetting a leader to show what he or she really believes in and has accomplished so we can be sure he or she is the right person to be a heartbeat away from the highest office in a country that has roundly rejected fascist viewpoints — such as book banning — in a world war in living memory. Hmm… very well then, carry on.

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