Like a fool…

The good news: Del Rey has had its contract with Lucasbooks renewed until 2013 (!). That equals 35 (!!) new books over the next five or so years; including a brand new post-Legacy of the Force series, the Fate of the Jedi.

FotJ will feature Aaron (Rouge Squadron) Allston, Troy (D&D) Denning, and Christie (Buffy novels) Golden as the creative team. And as a special 24th birthday present to me the first novel is out in April.

The bad news: The entire Fate of the Jedi series will be in hardcover. HARDCOVER! Do you know how ridiciously expensive that is going to be? Star Wars hardcovers, despite whatever their quality, always to tend to be a massive economic disappointment. The page to dollar ratio is always weak.

So, will I make the rational choice of waiting until they come out in paperback? No, of course not.

Thus it is really bad news for me and good news for Lucasbooks.



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