“I don’t spew any goddamn line”

This has been a You-Tube sort of week.

There are several this that are especially funny about this clip:

  • Hannity breaks format in this clip and starts yelling at the guy before Colmes is able to finish his couple of minutes.
  • It is (sad?) hilarious that Colmes kind of spins this (very) pro-Obama idea book as an almost anti-Obama book.
  • I thought unemployment was lower in the Clinton years?
  • Does Hannity not have people on who wrote pro-McCain books & are going to vote for McCain? Is it just a problem when he has on pro-Obama people? I wonder.
  • “The same government that bankrupted social security?” This coming from Hannity is rich.
  • I think Robert Kuttner actually did a good job of with standing Hurricane Hannity.
  • UPDATE: I just noticed this on rewatching but the little “tag line” under Kuttner at one point reads “Kuttner: Obama’s economic proposals have mocked his bold rhetoric”.  Fair & balanced, indeed!



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