Critical mass…

I have repeatedly started, deleted, and then restarted a post a bunch of political posts recently. Posts on how much I like Rachel Maddow’s new show, about the whole NBC dust up, and whats going on in the campaign

But every post was just filled with me vomiting out so much frustration and anger that I just couldn’t bring myself to hit “publish”.

I think I’ve reached a “critical mass” of information and emotional investment in this election cycle and if I keep up with this level of interest I am going to explode.

Compare this to the 2004 cycle: I was completely invested by physically (I was involved on organizing for Kerry on my campus) and emotionally (I was following the horse race on all three cable networks, reading all of the national newspapers, blogs, etc…). I felt change coming (seriously, how could people vote for Bush after all he’d done?) and I could not get a fill of whatever election bits and pieces I could.

Of course, I was living in a electoral house of cards and it all collapsed at roughly midnight of election night (I’m not sure if it was the election results that did it or the handle of whiskey I drank after I heard the results).

I’m not nearly as invested as I was in 2004. Some nights I can’t even bring myself to watch Keith Olbermann. I tend tend to ping pong back and forth between reading/watching everything I can and sticking my head in the sand.

What exactly is the point of this post? I’m not sure. Maybe its for me to say that I really need to pull back before I drive myself crazy?

Blogging as therapy?


2 Comments on “Critical mass…”

  1. Doctor Brown says:

    At work right now, but I am right there with you. Ich bin ein Fixitista.

  2. psycholarry says:

    You did not drink a whole handle. Liar

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