Obama to appear on the O’Reilly Factor tomorrow night…

Disappointing to say the least…

UPDATE: This just depressing. Bill-O talks more than  Obama! *sigh*


3 Comments on “Sad…”

  1. Doctor Brown says:

    But wouldn’t not appearing on the show give the right ammo to use against Obama? I’m not for any candidate deigning to recognize O’Reilly as a legitimate news source (said as a journalist, not a lefty) but at the same time, it removes the argument that Obama is scared to show his face on the program.

  2. Tito says:

    I agree with the Doctor. The O’Reilly Factor is a noxious insult to journalism, but it has its audience. At this stage in the game, Obama should appear everywhere he can, especially at the venues where he’s going to be bullied and asked unfair questions. Refusing O’Reilly on moral grounds is all well and good, but this is the smarter thing to do politically.

  3. unless bill-o makes obama look like an idiot…

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